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Yocaher skateboards | chino, ca

Yocaher is an online skate shop and wholesale company based out of Los Angeles, California. Back in 2001, their focus was selling entry-level and pro-model skateboards, but recently they've expanded and geared towards longboards for entry and pro level. We carry a variety of longboard shapes that tailor to all riding styles. 

I designed and currently manage their site, which you can visit at:


eva varro | women's wear | downtown, la 

Eva Varro is a fashion designer focusing on women's wear located in Downtown LA. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Budapest, Hungary and honed her talent working for several leading fashion design companies in Hungary and Italy.  She relocated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles, California in 2002; after a very successful relationship with a Los Angeles based company, she launched her own line that became an instant success.


I currently manage her social media and website at:


bangarang coffee roasters | fullerton, ca

We here at Bangarang! believe in good coffee the way that most people believe in true love.

Take a few seconds for that ridiculous hyperbole to sink in, as it’s important as it is crazy.  We are heralds shouting that coffee is a crazy  discovery!  This little bean has been around for ages and it’s still teaching us, still shrouded in mystery, and still tasty as the day is long.  So we wish to meet this cosmic gift exactly where it is and demand roasting greatness.  Not an “OK” coffee, not a “passable” coffee.  A coffee so bananas it endows you with the power of gray skull and makes you better at algebra.

So take the plunge, join the noble quest, and believe in the bean.  Only then will you see the color feast it contains in its tiny frame.

We are people of coffee because coffee is for the people.